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Total returns

This chart shows Market Price, NAV Price, and Benchmark returns for the selected Fund. Average annual returns at month and quarter end display for the most recent one year, three year, five year, ten year and since inception ranges. Monthly, quarterly, annual, and cumulative performance is also available in additional chart tabs.

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Growth of 10k

The growth of 10,000 graph is a commonly used chart that highlights the change in value of an initial investment of $10,000 in the fund, from initial investment date to the current date shown.  

Risk and Volatility

This table shows risk and volatility data for the Fund and Benchmark. R-Squared, Beta, Alpha, Standard Deviation, and Sharpe Ratio are displayed for the Fund. Standard Deviation and Sharpe Ratio are displayed for the Benchmark. Definitions of these attributes are available by hovering over the label. Data will not display until three years after the Fund's inception date.

Risk and Volatility
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This table displays fundemental characteristics for the Fund and Benchmark. Number of stocks, Median Market Cap, Price/Earnings Ratio, Price/Book Ratio, Return on Equity, and Earning Growth Rate are available for the Fund and Benchmark as of the most recent quarter end. Definitions for these attributes are available by hovering over the labels. Turnover rate is displayed for the Fund as of the most recent quarter end.

Market capitalization

This graph displays the market capitalization of the Fund and Benchmark by percentage, broken into large, medium/large, medium, medium/small, and small cap companies.

Market Capitalization Table
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Region exposure

This table shows assets of the Fund and Benchmark as a percentage invested by region. The region categories are Europe, Pacific, Middle East, Emerging Markets, North America, and other. The table below the chart contains the percentage by Fund and Benchmark and indicates the variance between the two.

Market allocation

This table shows the percentage of market allocation for the Fund and Benchmark by Country and Region. The final column of the table displays the weight, or percentage difference between the Fund and Benchmark, when applicable.

Weighted exposure

This table shows the percentage of the Fund's and Benchmark's assets invested by sector. Sectors categories are based on the Industry Classification Benchmark system, except for the Other category, and may include Financials, Consumer Goods, Industrials, Health Care, Technology, Consumer Services, Basic Materials, Utilities, Oil and Gas, and Telecommunications. The difference between Fund and Benchmark is shown in the final Weight column of the table.

Distribution by credit quality

This table shows the Percentage of the Fund (or Fixed Income portion of the Fund) as a distribution by Credit Quality. Categories are AAA, AA, A, BBB, Less than BBB, and Not Rated.

Distribution by credit issuer

This table displays the percentage of the Fund, or percentage of the fixed income portion of the Fund, invested by credit issuer. Issuers may include Treasury, Goverment-related, Corporate-Industrial, Corporate-Financial Institution, Government-related Agency, Securitized-Mortgage Backed Security Pass through, Corporate-Utility, Government-related Supranational, Securitized-Covered, Government-related Sovereign, Securitized-Commercial Mortgage Backed Security, Securitized-Asset Backed Security, and Other.

Distribution by credit maturity

This table shows the Percentage of the Fund (or Fixed Income portion of the Fund) as a distribution by Credit Maturity. Categories are Under 1 year, 1-5 years, 5-10 years, 10-15 years, 15-20 years, 20-25 years, over 25 years and Other.

Holding details

This table shows the names of the individual holdings of the Fund, along with the percent of market value, Sector, Market allocation by country, market value amount, and number of shares of each holding.

Prices and Distributions


Historical prices

This table shows the most recent ten NAV Price and Market Price for the Fund by date. All of the price data for the Fund can be exported using the Export button.

Historical Prices
Valor neto de activos (USD)
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Distribution history

This table displays the distribution data for the Fund: Type (income or capital gains), Ex-dividend date, Record date, Payable date, Cash distribution per unit, Reinvested distribution per unit, and Total distribution per unit. All of these attributes can be downloaded by using the Export all distributions button.

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