Portfolio Construction

Creating Low-Cost, Effective And Goal-Oriented Portfolios

Success in financial advice requires a strong investment proposition and excellent client relationships. Our portfolio services team are here to help you build low-cost, effective and goal-oriented portfolios that maximize value to your investors, and give you back critical time to focus on your clients.

How we can help you

Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios

Vanguard model portfolios offer a strategic asset allocation framework to help build diversified portfolios to meet investor needs. Using low-cost Vanguard ETFs, our well-diversified portfolios provide broad access to the global equity and fixed income markets.

Model Portfolios
Tailored Portfolios

Tailored Portfolios

Collaborate with Vanguard to leverage our brand, distribution and corporate support to help grow your client assets and business.

Tailored Portfolios

"What sets Vanguard apart is our personal approach, combined with a methodology that emphasizes dynamic portfolio construction. Through cyclical markets—through all the noise we hear in the marketplace—we use a full array of asset classes to develop risk-controlled, customized strategies designed to stand the test of time."

Ignacio Saralegui

Senior Investment Strategist for Vanguard Latin America

How Model Portfolios deliver value to investors


Aim to generate sufficient long-term return for investors to draw on as part of a personalized spending or growth plan


Managed around realistic long-term minimum risk and/or return expectations


Allocations adapt each year based on market capitalization and also after major market events according to Vanguard’s latest models


We believe in giving investors access to broadly diversified investment solutions at a low cost. The less you pay for investments, the more you get to keep from your potential returns.  

Why Vanguard for Model Portfolios?

Vanguard has been working with investors for over 45 years. We have over USD$1T invested across our multi-asset range globally, all supported by a team of experienced portfolio and investments specialists. 

$1 T

USD in multi-asset fund solutions globally*

* Source: Vanguard data as of December 30, 2020. Monetary figures are in U.S. dollars.


Investment strategists develop and maintain portfolio strategies*.


When our expertise in both portfolio construction and asset allocation began*