I acknowledge and agree that being a sophisticated investor has the following consequences:

1. That I have the capacity to determine that my investments decisions are aligned with my investment objectives; and that I have the experience and knowledge in financial matters to understand the risks, as well as the economic capacity to determine the impact of potential losses on my economic estate.

2. That I can receive promotional information in a language other than Spanish regarding products or services that may not be supervised by the National Banking and Securities Commission, since such products or services are traded in the international quotation system of the stock exchanges.

3. That I can receive information on any type of security or financial instrument under the service of marketing (Comercialización) or promotion of securities, understanding that the financial institution has no obligation to determine if such products are aligned with my investment objectives, financial situation and knowledge or financial experience.

4. That I can receive investment advisory services with respect to any type of securities or derivatives, so the financial institution or investment advisor will only have the obligation to know my investment objective to provide such service.

5. That I can have access to investments in securities that, due to their structure, volatility or liquidity, among other characteristics, could carry greater risks, which could include, among others, the possibility of:

a. Losing my whole investment, both capital and interest and, when appropriate, in view of the operation, create additional obligations on my behalf and expense.

b. Not receive the cash related to the investments in a timely manner.

c. Invest in securities whose clearing and settlement is not done through a central counterparty or under standardized terms, which could mean an increase of counterparty risk.

d. Invest based on complex investment strategies that could generate very volatile returns.

e. Invest in securities and derivatives in which neither the Issuer, nor the market, or investors, would be able to have relevant and timely information, which could hinder the risk evaluation, returns or investment decision making. This, due to the legal or economic structure of the transaction, the limited availability of information on the underlying assets, as well as the difficulty to understand such information.

f. Invest in securities or derivatives whose performance is subject to the performance of one or more underlying assets, which may difficult the assessment of their risk compared to other securities.

g. Investing in securities or derivatives that do not have a secondary market, or such market may be limited, which would complicate or even prevent selling or undoing the investment in the derivatives or securities, at a certain time and on favorable terms.